Conversations with Inspirational People
& Contemplation with Kristof

Every week I release four episodes:

“Conversations with Inspirational People” airs Monday and Thursday at 4 pm est

“Contemplation with Kristof” airs Tuesday and Friday at 4 pm est

I have conversations with people who have forged their own unique paths to personally fulfilling lives and success. All of these people have worked hard to get what they have now, and none of it happened overnight. I will help you find your path to become successful in life and pursue your passion with the help of those I speak with and through words of my own. Tune in every week for four new episodes that will help you take that step.

Here are some of the inspirational people I have had Conversations with…

Taya Kyle

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Founder, Author of American Wife & American Spirit

Dakota Meyer

Former Marine Sniper & Medal of Honor Recipient

Dan mulroy

Former Navy SEAL and Leadership & Strategy Coach